Josiah Forde – An Entrepreneur


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Today, we introduce a Canadian student who started his own painting business (2021/3) underneath Scholars Edge Painting in Kelowna, British Colombia.

It is our hope that this article could be a spark of inspiration for you, featuring how one university student begins his journey in business. It is our goal for this article to allow you to have the courage to take that first step, put yourself out there, and try something new.


[Name, Date of Birth]
Josiah Malik Lindsay Forde
July 2002

The University of British Columbia
Bachelor of Science In Nursing, 1st-year

1.Interpreting business
2.Restaurant Guest Experience Leader
3. Scholars Edge Painting

(During High School)
1. Student Council Vice President
2. Student Leader of Dorm
3. We Act Team (Free the Children) President
4. American Sign Language Club founder

About Scholars Edge Painting

Q.What is Scholars Edge Painting?
A. It is a company who recruits university students that want to start their own business.

They help us with marketing, guiding, mentoring. Basically, what we do is go to people’s houses, knock on the doors, distribute flyers, in order to ask whether they want their house painted. Whether that be: Exterior, Interior, Staining Decks, etc.

We have three different jobs; Marketer, Painter and Production Manager.

Scholars Edge Painting’s mission is to provide western Canadian university and college students with an opportunity to gain real life business experience running a painting company while earning tuition money, and delivering quality painting services to our customers.

from Scholars Edge Painting’s website. ( )

Q.What made you start a business?
A. I wanted to learn about business because I would love to open my own clinicsin the future.

I thought I knew around grade 10 that I wanted to become a doctor, and now I am studying nursing because it gives you a great foundation, a great general idea of what the health care system allows for.

Beyond that, one of my dreams is to open my clinics, especially for deaf people, and to achieve it, I joined Scholars Edge Painting. I have been learning practical knowledge on how to succeed in business.

Q.Tell us about the medical clinic you want to start in the future.

A. I have always been someone who likes to help people and enjoy solving problems. At the same time, I loved to learn languages and communicate with people. 

I remember I heard Spanish for the first time, and I thought it was such a beautiful language. And when I was eleven, I taught myself Sign Language. Now I can communicate in French, Italian, Spanish, ASL (sign language), and a bit of Mandarin.

I’d love to help people while taking advantage of my language skills by opening clinics where deaf or hard of hearing patients can come and feel safe.

Members of his business

Up Until Now

Q. How was your high school life?
A. I became the Student Council Vice President, Student leader of Dorm, and We act team (Free the children) president.

I was the only Canadian guy in the international Dorm. Everybody in the Dorm is from various countries like Germany, France, Hong Kong, Japan. 

When some people felt sad and homesick, they came to my room and sat and talked to me. Not only could they felt better, but we became good friends.

Also, I was the leader of a charity organization (We Act Team) to raise money for the under privileged and children in need.

As for the Youth Ministry Nights , every Wednesday, we all gathered at a chapel to talk about how we are feeling life and what we are going through. During this time we played games and did team-bonding activities .

I was in charge of a group of people who shared deep parts of their life and we tried to resolve them as a family through ministry.
We always communicated on issues, and discussed how we could make it better, help in any way.

It was a great way to release and express all pent up stress, relationship problems, and problems at home. It was just a safe place.

High school life

Q. What is the reason you like talking with and listening to people?
A. When I was younger, I really needed somebody to talk to me or just support me.

I have always moved around different schools. When you move to other schools, you need to change who you are, and naturally, you feel sad and lonely because you have to start your life from scratch.

Every day in my mind, there are some people in this university super lonely who don’t have any friends to talk with. I’d walk down and smile, saying, “Hey, how are you.” just in case because it is a very sucky feeling when you do not have anyone to talk with.

There are always people feeling upset and lonely – as I used to be. I just want to help them in anyway I can, even something as simple as a smile.

Important Thing in College Life

“Consistency and Balance”

It is very easy to start something and stop something.

You can start practicing piano, guitar, or decide to wake up at 5 am without much or any effort. But you can quit them very easily.

I think if you dedicate a certain amount of time for something, you can achieve it, just like a friendship or study. All that is left is to keep it up, which is where consistency comes into place.

With balance, I do study nursing and linguistics at university while learning to run my business in the meantime.Not only do I study but I also hang out with my friends. Too much of anything can be suffocating, for example, even if you drink too much water it can drown you from the inside!

In college life, you have got to find balance that works for you, for everyone it might be different. Once in university no one tells you what really matters, it is up to you to decide and make the right choices.

My advice is to work from the inside out, and understand who you want to become, because in doing so, you will attract what is important to you and the rest will follow.


We introduced a student whom one of our members, Shotaro Suda, met in UBC, Canada.

It is our belief that this Canadian student’s story could make a positive impact not only on the Japanese student but also on college students all over the globe.

His talent, we assume, is not being liked by everyone but is to like everyone.

We might had better make an effort to like people rather than make people like you.

Thank you for reading.
You can find Josiah’s Instagram account here.